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. you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> a deadly overnight crash shuts down the beltway. how it looks out there this morning now as you head out the door. >> and if governor o'malley has his wayne, gun control laws in maryland will be some of the strictest in the u.s. and he is one step closer to achieving the goal. >> a winter storm is moving across the country and people in the midwest are buried in feet of snow. is that storm headed in our direction? that's one of the big things we want to know. thanks for joining us on this friday morning, and happy friday by the way. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. tgif. what's the weather going to be like for today? into the weekend i understand you are looking at tonight on the drive home for many people. >> exactly. we are going to deal with black
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ice. but as we start you out. maryland's most powerful radar, this is the storm back off towards the west dumping snow now around chicago and they could see about 6 inches maybe more across the area. but closer here at home, we can see on the southern extent of this, we are getting reports in roane own of light snow coming into the area. this will begin to continue to move into our direction as we go further into the afternoon and also the evening time frame as well. with that, we will get sleet and also icy roads. so check out what's going on. slick roads are possible. we have black ice which is a thin ice coating, the same color as the roads. so be prepared for that and know bridges and overpasses they ice first and they are the greatest threat. get the cold air through that. so make sure you are conscious and cautious when you are driving. now back over to megan and charley. we have breaking news. one person is dead after an overnight crash. >> this is the scene along the inner loop of the beltway around 1 this morning.
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police say the driver was ejected from the car after colliding with a tractor trailer. the driver was then hit by another car and died at the scene and everyone else involved suffered minor injuries. the beltway was closed for a while and white now with a check of the timesaver traffic, lauren what can this mean for commuters today. >> reporter: this is cleared from 695 in pikesville but we are dealing with more problems up in baltimore county. there is a crash on 83 that has shut down all northbound lanes at middletown road and it involves a tractor trailer and use york road as a alternate. traveling southbound no delays getting down to 695 and it will remain clear as you get on to the jfx. and head into the city. 695 west of york road, everything moving along no problems getting up to 83 and that inner loop will be clear making the push to 95. here's root 175. traffic is moving along know
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problems from elk ridge to the city. no problems to report to dc. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. >> new this morning, maryland may soon have the toughest gun laws in the country. >> the state came one step closer to that last night. after hours of debate a senate panel voted in favor of gun control legislation. the vote number was 7-4 and lawmakers have different opinions about the outcome. >> they feel it's overreaching and not going to fundamentally address crime in our communities nor is it going to really address the mental health issues that were precipitating the bill. >> it doesn't cut at the violence in baltimore city and doesn't help with domestic and suicides. but what i do know is at least the connecticut newtown murders, we are not going to have those here because we got rid of the issue of assault weapons. >> a new law would ban assault
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weapons and strengthen handgun licensing laws. one major point of contention, the gun ownership for people who voluntarily commit themselves for mental health reasons. today, the task force to study access of guns to mentally ill individuals will hold their next meeting in annapolis today. and the legislators will go to the full senate debate next week. a look at other issues up there, from the state capitol, there's going to be another vote coming up about a controversial issue heading to the full senate for a vote. last night, the senate judicial proceedings committee approved a bill to repeal the death penalty. if it passes, maryland will be the 18th state to outlaw capital punishment. there's new leader laura neumann is expected to be sworn in as the county executive. she was appointed last night after interviewing 16
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candidates. she lived in anne arundel county for over 20 years and was the chief of howard county economic development authority but will now leaving that position. she says that experience will help her greatly in the new job and she didn't follow a traditional path to get where she is. >> i didn't graduate from high school or college. i did get a ged but i have a masters degree in business and loyola took a chance on me and anne arundel county took a chance on me and i didn't let them down and i will do the same in anne arundel and give it everything i have and look forward to serving the county. >> she will fill the remainder of the term replacing john lee hold who resigned after being convicted of misconduct in office. this morning some parents may not be able to go to work because they no longer have day care. >> a local day care shut its doors without notifying the parents and a outreach center was closed when parents tried
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to drop off their kids. their business partner came in with a moving truck and packed up and left. the move leaves the centers 17 employees out in the cold. >> i really do have bills to pay. this just is not right what was done. >> our goal was not for my parents and children to be out like this. >> the majority of the arbutus center clients used state vouchers for day care. state attorney general's coves investigating whether the money was being misspent. >> now time for a check on your weather. it hasn't been the prettiest week. >> it was windy and cold and we could be in for another round. >> we are waiting for the system that's working across the midwest. that's where you are seeing the snow potential. you can see wisconsin and michigan will get hamed for today. but then we see the warmer side draped back to the panhandle of florida. and with that we will have the potential for severe weather across the area.
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this system is so strong there's thunderstorm being reported in kansas yesterday. let's zoom in and you can see what's going on close to home. not a whole lot of anything. just the clouds. but back off towards the west, yes, this will begin to move in here. we could see the first roll in this morning. temperature wise this morning, getting you out the door. bundle up and coming in at 25 in manchester, 28 in timonium. so we are looking at most of the temperatures below freezing. and as you step out and the aft up much. this is what to he can spet with the plan -- expect with the planner. 28 degrees and 29 by 9. and lunchtime only 34 and that's when we will see of that icy mix in the forecat cast. >> -- forecast. >> some of the best artist ares
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are in charm city. >> reporter: i am sher rei johnson live -- sherry johnson in downtown baltimore. look at thee amazing items -- these amazing items. >> how two teens are trying to help out high schoolgirls in one badly damaged area. >> well, everything is up to speed on the top side of the beltway but we are dealing with a crash that shut down a portion of the harrisburg expressway and i will have more on the delays coming up on good morning maryland.
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hundreds of the country's best artists are in baltimore and you can browse or buy their creation and sherrie johnson could be ready to do all three. any chance you will do shoppingwhile down there? >> reporter: there's a huge chance. i mean they have some wonderful
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displays. i've had a chance to look around. i will be back. and you know, today, the mer craft council -- american craft council has over 650 crafts artist will be here and this morning i have pamela diamond joining me live with the american craft council show. good morning. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> reporter: tell us a little bit. this is a beautiful display right here. what's going on this weekend? >> well, as you said, 650 artists from around the country under one roof for three days. so, you know, weather looks dicey come get your work out and glass ceramics. this is handcared of wood and you would never know it. he does a gorgeous job and one of the special things we have this year and let's walk over to maybe see some of the other medium is make room modern design meets craft where we
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enrolled 11 interior designers and they picked a piece of craft and have done a craft inspired room setting out of looking at one piece of this and you can't imagine what we will see. so come see the designers as well. there's jewelry and gorgeous glass from kenny piper and fashion wear bowls and jewelry galore. >> reporter: you have something new? >> the make room is new and over 80 artists and a great way to navigate the show because it's large is the sim bombs and it's foody wear men's department or upscale so if you are -- sim bombs and it's foody wear men's department or upscale and it's foody wear. you can go around the show andget what you are looking for. >> there's something for everyone. this is absolutely beautiful.
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there's so much to choose from. this kicks off this morning at 10 a.m. and it runs through sunday at 5 p.m. right here at the baltimore convention center. and, of course, we are going to be talking with some other folks who are -- throughout the morning and tell you more about what's going on. but these are a couple of the exhibits. they have tons of stuff. something for everyone. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 4:43. news around the nation this morning, pennsylvania teens are doing what they can do to help out victims from hurricane sandych the juniors are collecting prom dresses to donate to high schoolgirls in new jersey. so far the teens have collected 70 dresses and they are giving them to the cinderella closet charity in new jersey which was hit hard by sandy last fall. >> wie we knew -- we knew prom was not everyone's priority so we wanted to give the girls a
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bit of hope and every girl deserves to be a princess on their special day. >> they are asking for gently used prom dresses. hurricane sandy left over 100 people dead and caused tens of billions of dollars worth of damage. and that's so cool. it's thunder snow what people in wichita kansas are dealing with but they are not the only ones being pounded across 20 states, old man winter is rolling along. and we talked to a few people yesterday across the midwest and what they were dealing with. and they would report sleet, ice and snow and out of nowhere athunderstorm would break out and it was a rolling revolving door all day. is that normal? >> when you have a powerful system and the dynamics come together, yes, you will get thunder know. let's show -- thunder snow. let's show you what's going on. we could get it again. that's a possibility as it works its way off the east. you can see how large it is and
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the extent from the great lakes and the snow and wet weather and severe part of the storm goes back down into portions of louisiana. once again, this will be a concern for today. now this is closer to us and we will be dealing with icy conditions as we go later into the afternoon. the onset of the precip is how it will begin. so be prepared for that. let's show you the setup of what's going on with this. at the surface, we have high pressure in place. but then we will see that warmer air trying to override that and that's why we will be getting in on the icy conditions. we are talking about sleet and we are talking about snow mixing with it. as we look at what's going on right now, temperatures at 29 degrees in arnold, bel air 27. baltimore 27. and so we are cold this morning. the temperatures are pretty much seasonable. we should be at 27 for this time of the year. going through time, this is what to expect. future trends locks like this. going no -- looks like this, going into motion a first wave
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early in the morning and the bulk of the stuff will come into more into 5:00. the commute will be a rough one coming back home. speaking of that, let's go over to lauren cook with that right now. >> reporter: it's going to be a pretty bad mess later this evening. and this morning we have our fair share of problems. baltimore county a. crash shut down the northbound lanes of 83. right at middletown road. it involves a tractor trailer and you want to use york road instead. a deadly crash that cleared earlier this morning on the inner loop of the beltway in pikesville but no delays as of now. this is south of the scene at baltimore national pike. you will notice traffic is moving along. just 7 minutes right now to travel the outer loop from 795 down to 70. and if you are traveling on 95, here's the fort mchenry tunnel. everything is moving along. no delays harbor tunnel will be free of delays. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver track. now over to you.
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from poverty to the life in los angeles that's the ride a teen is on who started an oscar nominated film and is going to the outs cars. -- oscars. he spent the last 7 years selling magazine to support his family and two years ago e. met an american filmmaker. and he was begin a lead role in a film about a black smith's son who wants to play in the afghanistan national sport. >> what went through your heart when you saw yourself in the movie? >> i cannot say my feelings because you was -- because i was so happy. >> the u.s. embassy and afghanistan offered to pay for him and his family to fly first class to los angeles to attend the oscars. and you can attend the oscars from your living room of the academy awards on abc2 starting sunday at 7. if you want to get prepared to see what's nominated, we have you covered. for the nomination head to our
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special oscar's guide at i don't like to lose and i wanted to win. and if the fear overtakes me then it wins and why did i go through all that. >> that's a clip of robin roberts who talked about her cancer battle. she returned after seeking treatment. you can see the interview tonight on a special edition of 20/20 airing here on abc2 beginning at 10. stay with us this morning a. group of teens will play around this weekend for a great cause. >> the game they arranged and how it can benefit sick children. you want to see this story. >> a story about honesty. a woman lose her diamond ring on a new york subway and gets it back almost two months later. who she is thanking this morning.
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thanks for staying with us. south african olympic sprinter hopes to secure bail today as he prepares to stand trial for the shooting death of his girlfriend. this as prosecutors struggling to regain the lost ground after the replacement of the lead investigator on the ongoing case. now following a difficult two- day testimony and cross- examination, following the lead investigator, we learned yesterday that he himself faces 7 counts of attempted murder from a 2011 shooting. the development further embarrassed the prosecution which has seen the evidence picked apart from the bail hearing. he is off the case but police contend the case is strong against pistorius. >> we have 22 years of experience and i think in terms of this he has presented the
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case of the police well. >> pistorius is nearly motionless he's sits there with his head bowed and whether or not he is granted bail is going to be about 6 months before this goes to trial and the interesting side note in all this we have been talking about the varying difference in laws in south africa versus here in the u.s. it's likely it will be decided by a judge because in south africa they don't have trials by jury. >> all right this is going to be interesting. we are follow the developments. hit us up on twitter for the latest developments. time for five things to know on this friday morning. in celebration of the 500 anniversary of the woman sufferage there will be a joint session in annapolis. female members of the senate and house will march together to the session which takes place in the house chambers. a memorial service will be held for steven muller who was the president at johns hopkins from 1972 to 1909. it will be at the con-- 1990.
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it will be starting at 3:30 and the public is invited. a collection of world war ii items will be auctioned off in new york. they include the original iwo jima monument that is valued between 1.2 and 1.8 million dollars. to have you enjoy tequila today is the -- if you enjoy tequila, today is the day to make a margarita because it's national margarita day. don't eat the worm. >> that's what you have to say. >> they are tasty warm cold. >>i don't know why i am on camera i haven't been drinking. >> now offering a tip on how to celebrate. come on in. >> all right. >> how is it going? >> good. >> you like margaritas? >> yeah you do. have one if you want. >> it might seem like we are but we are not. we want to talk about the weather because it's going to be a story especially on the road. it could be slick for people. >> exactly.
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so that's the biggest thing he. -- thing. we will start off with sleet which is ice and it starts out in a different forum and freezing when it leaves the clouds and melts and then refreezing and -- refreezes and comes down as sleet. that's what we are talking about today. >> not good. >> we have the sleet mixing in with some snow and also some rainch the high temperature for today around 35 degrees. bundle up this morning as you go throughout the day. we will stey a little change in the forecast as we go through tomorrow. but for tonight, the freeing rain and also -- freezing rain and mixed showers will continue. temperatures at 32 degrees because temperatures will be at or near freezing. then tomorrow comes in and we will have cold rain for part of the day. and then finally, the showers begin to taper off. so the 7-day forecast looks like this as we will start out on sunday because we will have a good day a. dry day on sunday. that temperatures coming in at 45 degrees. that's pretty much around
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seasonable temperatures there. and then as we go into monday, tuesday and wednesday we will have the next system but right now it look like it will be in the form of rain and by thursday it looks like things drop right -- or dry out with the temperature coming in at 44. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. off to a cold start and the mix will affect your commute this evening. we have had our fair share of problems this morning but a crash has cleared from the harrisburg expressway northbound lanes reopened at middletown road after a tractor trailer crashed off the road. and you are looking here at padonia and everything is moving along. it will be nice and clear getting on the jfx. and head downtown, 11 minutes southbound from the beltway all the way to fayette street and here's 695 in parkville at harford road. traffic is moving along. we are dealing with construction on the outer loop near and white marsh. but here you are looking at an 11 minute trip on the outer loop from 95 to 83.
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traveling on west side, no delays on outer loop. it's going to take you 11 minutes to travel fromp 9 -- 759 to -- from 759 to 95. now over to you. -- 795 to 95 now over to you. high school students are making a difference. >> organizing a fund-raiser to benefit cyst he can fibrosis. independent and public high schools put together teams to square off in a dodge ball tournament tomorrow. they spent time pragueing and hope it will enlighten others about the disease. it's a deadly genetic disorder affecting more than 30,000 people in the u.s. dodge for a cure will be tomorrow from 4:30 until 8 at the boys latin school in towson and will cost $10 per person. coming up on good morning maryland at 5, smithfield is recalling several tons of porksausage. >> why they say if you have the product, do not use it under any circumstances. >> and the extra effort ground crews put out at the terminal.
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we have information on the planes stuck on a taxiway. details ahead.
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thanks for joining on this friday morning. has this happened to you? this happened to my husband. one minute you got the wedding ring on and the next minutegone. >> that is awful feeling and an assistant in new york knows all about it. she lost her $4,000 engamement ring on -- engagement ring while on the subway. she recognized the subway agent work the day she lost it. >> he told her a woman turned it in and she said she got her ring back. so, that's pretty unusual but congratulations to her. >> got it back and ternal means more than 4,000 dollars. >> -- and certainly means morethan 4,000 dollars. >> >> i husband got one
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